Outsourcing Big Data Analytics


Outsourcing Big Data Analytics


The Competitive advantage and analytics maturity are complementary to each other. A little maturity in your analytic directly responds back on your advantages over your competitors. The raw Data is the first novice step towards achieving the higher level of competitive advantage, wherein you know the level of sensing and respond is likely to be more accurate as per the statistics generated. Optimization of all the analytical step – Ad Hoc Reports, Predictive Modeling, OLAP, and Standard Reports brings you closer to knowing what action your audience will take and what advantages you are gaining over your competitor.

It is predicted that the analytics will decide the future of business. In the next few years, the level of outsourcing in content, integrated reports will decrease marginally. In the past, it was Data, content, standard reports which was outsource for better process improvement, but the future lies in the hands of decision support, optimization, alerts and forecasting. The future of Data and content outsourcing doesn’t seem too bright. Rather, businesses will rely on outsourced analytics for the future planning and decision making. Future apart, in this concurrent wave it is Content & Data ruling the rooster.

The Analytics Maturity Model

Outsourcing Big Data Analytics

Defining The Outsourcing Scope

Defining The Outsourcing Scope

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