Afia. Ji. Chloe & ABDE™


Afia. Ji. Chloe & ABDE™

Afia. Ji. Chloe & ABDEThey come from three corners of the world, and yet don't know each other. Ji Huang is from Dalian, China; Begam Afia from Accra in Ghana; and Chloe Akinyi is from Mombasa in Kenya.

But they have these two things in common – they're Java and Python geeks, just graduating out in 2017 with a major in Computer Science. And the three of them are hell–bent on becoming Big Data Engineers. The ABDE™ program of DASCA is connecting them up together, and with their dreams.

Disclaimer: The theme, context, and subject underlying this message are factual. The names of individuals mentioned here are changed. DASCA strictly protects and closely guards the identity of all its clients and customers, and does not reveal their names, pictures, or any other personal or professional information in any of its marketing or advocacy communication.

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Brought to you by DASCA
Brought to you by DASCA

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