Get ready for a big change, Big Data!


Get ready for a big change, Big Data!

It's actually a coffee–can–sized something cooled at 0.01 degrees kelvin – cooler than the coldest recorded yet anywhere in human interstellar studies so far! There's a magnetic vacuum, the purest you can make – no you don't find this anywhere in the universe as pure!

And inside this wondrous, nature–beating coffee–can something, sits the world's very first Quantum Computer!

It's really surprising why there isn't yet as big an excitement about it yet. But we have to hold our breath really to it – D–Wave Systems, the Canadian company has done what was once though impossible – making Quantum Computers! In 2010 D–Wave introduced the world's first commercially available quantum computer, surmounting the impossible–looking challenges of harnessing the intricate power of quantum mechanics because they had be housed in highly unconventional environments.Needless to say, Big Data management will have to soon adapt itself to the quantum computing environments.

As modern computers continue to reach the limits of their processing power, quantum computing is starting to offer hope for solving more specialized problems that require immensely robust computing. But Quantum computers “…now have the potential to address problems ranging from finding drugs that can target specific cancers to valuing portfolio risk”, says Vern Brownell, founder and CEO of D–Wave Systems.

Here's the exciting Brownell interview vid=4758275911001&plyrid=2399849255001.

We'll also be excited to know what all directions and dimensions you think, Big Data will have to think change? Write to us today.


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